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Early 20th century: origins of the current situation
Jan 28 Introduction

Jan 30 Musto “Opium, Cocaine, and Marijuana in American History”

Feb 4 Acker “Heroin Addiction and Urban Vice Reform”

Feb 6 Schneider “New York and the Global Market”

Feb 11 McGirr Chapt 1 of The War on Alcohol

Feb 13 Collins “The Economics of a New Global Strategy”

Drug Use and Social Context
Feb 18 Waldorf “Making Sense of Cessation: a Synthesis”

Feb 20 Campbell “Primitive Pleasures, Modern Poisons…”
Guerrero et al “Mexicans use of illicit drugs… by migrant status”

Feb 25 Alexander, Chapt 1 “The Rebirth of Caste” from The New Jim Crow

Feb 27 Short essay due (PDF)

Wars on Drugs
Mar 3 McGirr sections from chapter 3 of The War on Alcohol

Mar 5 Alexander, chapter 2 “The Lockdown” from The New Jim Crow

Mar 10 Netherland and Hansen “The War on Drugs that Wasn’t…”


Mar 19 Paley “State Power and the Enforcement of Prohibition”

Mar 24 Lajous “The Constitutional Costs of the ‘War on Drugs'”

Drug Markets and Urban Economies
Mar 26 Curtis “Crack, Cocaine, and Heroin: Drug Eras in Williamsburg, Brooklyn 1960-2000”

Mar 31 Lisa Maher “A Reserve Army: Women and the Drug Market”

April 2 MIDTERM DUE, essays accepted until April 7

Apr 7 Conversion Day, no class
Apr 8 -16  Spring Break

Drug Control and Global Capitalism

Apr 21  Bourgois “Insecurity, the war on drugs and crimes of the state…”

Apr 23 Paley “Drug War Capitalism” chapt 1 of Drug War Capitalism (full textbook available via ProQuest here). FINAL PAPER TOPICS DUE

Apr 28 Orozco Mendoza “Punitive Dispossession…”
Becerra “Addressing the Costs of Prohibition…”

Apr 30 Paley “Mexico, Paramilitarization and the Drug War” (full textbook available via ProQuest here)

May 5.  Paley “Drug War Capitalism in Honduras” (full textbook available via ProQuest here)

Alternatives to Prohibition
May 7  Grisaffi “Social Control in Bolivia…”

May 12 Rolles “From Drug War to Policy Reform…”
Seddon “Drug policy and global regulatory capitalism…”

May 14 Stancliff et al “Harm Reduction: Front Line Public Health”
Davidson et al “Using drugs in un/safe spaces…”

Final paper due by 5pm on day scheduled for final exam