Assignments and Grading

Student learning will be assessed in multiple ways, and assignments will reflect both mastery of class material and ability to use conceptual frameworks learned in class through independent student projects.  Students will be expected to

  1. Attend and participate in class through online venue
  2. Post 10 annotations in response to class readings
  3. Write a short essay
  4. Complete a take-home midterm
  5. Write a 10-12 page final paper, analyzing an issue in a particular policy area.

Revised course breakdown for online course:

  • Attendance and participation              25%
  • 10 annotations on weekly readings    15%
  • Short essay                                          10%
  • Midterm                                              20%
  • Final Paper (10-12 pages)                  30%

Online: attendance = participation.

In the online only course structure, “attendance” will not exist independent of participation, although participation will involve posting comments/questions and responding to your peers through the Slack application rather than in a “live” context.

In order to get ‘attendance’ credit for a class session, students will need to do the following:

  1. read the assigned readings;
  2. watch online video lecture segment and/or interact with other material posted by the professor;
  3. post 1 original question or comment in Slack in response to the readings and/or lecture, and
  4. respond to a comment or question posted by a peer in Slack for the same day’s material.

This means that each student will have to post twice in response to each class session’s material in order to receive attendance credit.

A Note on Plagiarism– I am a teacher, not a police officer. However, in fairness to the vast majority of students who work hard and struggle with the material, those rare students who cheat will receive an F for the course.  If I have any reason to suspect plagiarism, then I will check the material in question and if I find copied material then I will file a report with the Committee on Academic Integrity.  Students are responsible for knowing and following the College’s policy on Academic Integrity. (

Late Work– Late work will not be accepted unless there are very special circumstances such as illness/injury, death in the family, etc. If such an emergency occurs, please contact me as soon as possible.